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LAW-TRAIN is an European Commission funded project aimed at fighting international drug-trafficking by developing a virtual investigation training system. The training system is developed in a collaborative action by universities, national governments and professional enterprises.

The virtual investigations platform will allow law enforcement units to practice the interviewing of suspects in a multicultural and virtual reality context. Through extensive research in the field of computer science and criminology the mixed reality platform makes it possible to generate characters with changing attributes and parameters. Based on these demographic variables, so called “Virtual Suspects” can be generated, which will give rise to multiple interview scenarios in a close to realistic environment. Because of the virtual nature of the system, the simulator will be accessible from any country at any given time. To improve the training results, so called “Virtual Trainers” will follow the practice sessions online and give real-time feedback to trainees.

Elements and Structure of Workpackages

The workload of LAW-TRAIN is structured into a total of eight workpackages. Two workpackages WP1, Project Management (conducted by Bar-Ilan University) and WP8, Dissemination and Exploitation (conducted by USECON) are of organizational nature and will last throughout the entire duration of LAW TRAIN.

  • WP1 – Project Management
  • WP2 – User Requirements and Specifications / Structure and API
  • WP3 – Methodology for Joint Investigative Interviews and its Implementation
  • WP4 – Design and Implementation of the Collaborative International Virtual Investigation Platform
  • WP5 – Design and Implementation of the Virtual Suspect
  • WP6 – Development of Training Tools
  • WP7 – Integration, Testing and Evaluation
  • WP8 – Dissemination and Exploitation